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Febuary 10, 2023

Obsessed with the wave and sky, oil painter Steven Broughton brings to life not just the sea and landscapes he visits and spends time in, but also the memories of them, filled with emotion, which infuse his brushstrokes as they bring these scenes to life on canvas.
Recent travels to Maryborough, Healesville and surrounds, as well as years spent combing beaches far and wide populate Broughton’s work. The former surfer shares his enigmatic scenes and persona with his audience through a wide array of compositions and changing light, mood and intensity of the environment.
At times calm, or even bright and sunny, at others, dark, stormy and windswept, or fiery, Broughton’s bush and beach scenes evoke the passion of this painter and speak to the emotions of the viewer.

Steven Broughton - Bushwhacker Beachcomber: Event
Steven Broughton - Bushwhacker Beachcomber: Pro Gallery
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