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We love meeting people who appreciate art as much as we do. That is why Gallery Sunari loves hosting special happenings and unique exhibitions. Below you'll find our archive of exhibitions and events at Gallery Sunari to date. We hope you enjoy looking through all the work we've shown to date, and discovering the many artists we feature at Gallery Sunari. If you are interested in acquiring work, please click on the button below to get in touch.



Febuary 10, 2023

Steven Broughton captivates the land and seascapes he creates in oils on canvas. Inspired by Arthur Streeton and Arthur Boyd, Broughton’s works are layered with historical references while remaining explorations of contemporary political events and representations of our land, sea and airscapes.

September 9 - september 25, 2022

‘Eclectic’ is group show celebrating diverse makers and media.

August 5 - August 26 2022

His inaugural exhibition as an artist and photographer, "a soulful embrace through my eyes" explores his vision both through the covid lockdowns and in his everyday life.

june 17 - july 8 2022

Selected works by Roy B Wilkins will be available for viewing and purchase from 17 June (opening night) until 8 July at Gallery Sunari. Critically acclaimed, widely exhibited, Roy's career as an artist spans over 20 years, during which he has ben widely collected and has won prizes for his work. This is an excellent opportunity to experience what Roy brings to viewers and collectors of his art - something raw, real and deeply felt. The liberation with which Roy paints, brings that freshness to his work. Roy is constantly painting over the same works, constantly adding to and changing them, they are almost like living, ever evolving things with a life of their own. In order to exhibit, Roy has to force himself to stop painting over the works so that they may be exhibited and purchased, to be kept, by the viewer and potential lucky owner of his works.

April 22 - May 13 2022

'LOCAL ARTIST' community exhibition featured the work of 

Lida Wang

Nisa Kacar

Sumaya Asvat

Miriam Morris

Brigid Burke

Helen Joy Newman

Catriona Noble

Madeleine Stern

Sunari Sooriaaratchi

Steven Broughton

The exhibition ran to great acclaim and was well received by the public, particularly within the locality of Bentleigh.

Madeleine Stern

February 25 - april 12 2022

The inaugural opening exhibition of Gallery Sunari, this retrospective focused on the oeuvre of Sunari Sooriaaratchi, the Gallery's founder and namesake, artist, curator and director. showcasing work from several periods and multiple bodies of work, the colour an vibrance, as well as the mix of genres in this exhibition were a talking point of the opening night that carried on throughout the exhibition.

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