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Welcome to "An equal world for progress" - a poignant painting series that reflects on the beauty and balance of life, through the artistic lens of Mr. Anil Gajjar.
The artist pens down, "Art is a silent yet powerful voice. Through this collection, I have strived to ignite conversation, challenge norms and celebrate the journey towards a world where progress knows no gender. Life, much like nature, strives for equilibrium, yet, this equilibrium does not quite extend to the life cycles of men and women. My artistic approach has always been thoughtful and dynamic. I observe the world with an open mind without any preconceived notions, allowing the interplay between affirmation and negation to guide my creative process.
My thematic focus revolves around power dynamics, gender roles, the balance of life cycles, and women's empowerment. Employing bold colors, intricate strokes, and symbolic shapes, my art reflects the motion and disruption inherent in these subjects.
While my paintings do not depict specific individuals, the human psyche undeniably takes center stage. Through the lens of 'An equal world for progress', I invite viewers to embrace a new perspective that till date is the driving force behind my artistic expression."

Exhibition - Anil Gajjar: Current Exhibitions
Exhibition - Anil Gajjar: Pro Gallery
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