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20 October - 11 November, 2023

This is the very first time since it’s inception nearly two years ago that Gallery Sunari has dedicated the entire gallery purely to sculpture. Having three dimensional work in the space transforms interactions with the work, the space itself and people within it in such a dynamic way that installing this exhibition has been both a delight and a challenge.

Work on exhibit encompasses glass, ceramics, mosaic, paper assemblage, found objects, acrylic paint, plaster, decoupage, papier-mâché, and a combination of these elements in some instances. References to Marcel Duchamp’s bicycle wheel are very much felt, and it will be interesting to observe public reactions to the readymade a century later.

The plinth forms part of the work in some works as careful material considerations have been made in order to put before you work that delights, surprises and above all raises questions. We invite you to experience it all in ‘Object of Desire.’

An exhibition of sculpture featuring selected works by:

Deb Amon Cotter
Jo Ryan
Silvi Kadillari
Roy Bird
Thomas Waxman
Janice Richardson
Liza Posar
L.A. Muser
Tim White 

Object of Desire - Group Exhibition: Event
Object of Desire - Group Exhibition: Pro Gallery
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