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September 9 - september 25, 2022

Featuring the work of
Samuel Wood: including paintings and sculptures. The paintings in this body of work by Wood feature bold black outlines and painterly drips, with graphic illustrative elements. His sculpture takes on witty play with words which combines mixed materials with a surreal aesthetic.
Sumaya Asvat: in her “painterly” style of visible brushwork, layers and drips, Asvat’s paintings are inspired by the metaphysical world and the natural worlds around us… their cycles and rhythms.
Tim White: focusing on the idea of ‘splinter selves,’ in his masks, White uses found objects to bring his characters to life. His painting exemplifies his own original abstract and naive style.
Dilini Perera: uses poured acrylic paint to create monochromatic abstract works infused with touches of gold. The forms created allude to chemical and biological origins, providing associations with life on at once a molecular and a universal scale.
Seán Grame: a painter of spirit and light and of beings of light - the spirit in animals and the animal spirits. Grame’s paintings in acrylic on canvas can be impressive as well as intimate in their scale and composition.
Ashini Kulatunge: finding the place where animal and human forms combine or meet, in bright watercolour, bringing to life the process of watercolours, embellishment, the decorative, botanical and zoological.
Sheena Mathieson: works with printmaking, painting, collage and sculptural mediums to create multi-layered and textural works, both abstract and representational in their form.
Steven Broughton: captivates the land and seascapes he creates in oils on canvas. Inspired by Arthur Streeton and Arthur Boyd, Broughton’s works are layered with historical references while remaining explorations of contemporary political events and representations of our land, sea and airscapes.
Emily Hodge: brings fantasy, reality and ideas of femininity to the forefront in her explorations in acrylic of canvas; expressive realist works with an ethereal feel.
Sunari Sooriaaratchi: explores the female nude in the context of the space it inhabits, questioning the formal hierarchical relationships between the two, and our perception of them in her gouache paintings on paper.

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